Stop running from yourself!

Its ok to be alone, it takes a strong secure individual to be able to face their own thoughts.. you time not only a allows you to soul search but really gives you a chance to dig deep & find out the real YOU .. find your purpose , do what you have to do to become what you want to become. It may seem scary but itll all be worth it.

Sleepless Nights

Overthinking cause honestly shit ain’t right

Talked & tried 1000 times some shit still blows my mind

Crying every night about this time

Why can I just get you off my mind

Bittersweet emotions got me running on an all time high

All because I’m praying we didn’t build a lie

The switch up got me sick thinking damn everything literally dies

I was always loyal one more did you want for me

In my dreams you were everything I wanted but in real the only one I see

Love doesn’t come easy I get it, but there was something about you I couldn’t resist

Maybe it was your honesty

Because no one has ever told me the truth constantly

Or was it the way you made me feel every time you hold me, fuck that made me fall instantly

And when you’d kiss me that took me head over heels

Fucking you gave me chills

Maybe it was as simple as your dimple that made me smile

Man I wish you could’ve stayed a while

I just knew you wouldn’t fold

I didn’t want to think it was too good to be true

It could’ve been lust for you but truth be told I’m in love with you

During my darkest times you were there now just bury it all because in a few years you may never care

Traumatized when I close my eyes because seeing you with another girl is something I just can’t bare

I can’t even say sorry because there’s nothing I did wrong

But one thing I will do is pray we meet again & last forever long

When I told you ” we’ve came to far to not be solid ” you never responded

So my last hope for you is to please just stay grounded.


Loving a man can drive you crazy at the end

But I guess someone has to win

It’s a different feeling when the love was real

vs being in relationship just for the thrill

When you give you all to someone meaning mind body & your soul

You except to grow old, through hardships & good times

I don’t even need to be wined & dined

All I ever wanted was your time.

I gave you my mind because I love the way you think

I love your ambition, your personality

I just knew us together would never sink

I gave you my body because you’re my reality, my comfort, my true friend, my happiness

You make everything feel so real & perfect

deeper than sex, now I’m just an emotional wreck

I was whole with you my soul felt tied to you

Im lost, I’m completely broken , I’m empty.

My heart left when you did

There’s no drug in this world that could cure

The world is so fake but your so pure.

There’s no man walking this earth that could heal me

When you really know the real me

I love you forever

Any man can vouch they don’t know my mama,

they don’t know the drama

All they ever got was karma

I’m older now, my wild & crazy ways was all a phase

You hit different , this hit different I’ll never be the same

Cause I’ll be damned if I ever hurt the same!

Bible study note & thoughts 

Profectic School / idolsEx. 13;1 

Profectic ministry is to prepare for battle ( through teaching ) 

Ex 14 ;1 

How to handle idolatry 

– idols in their heart 

– Iniquity

Prophets enticed and deceive

Idols of our culture 

– Somethings in life are only vehicles , to get you the to the next part of your life

– Culture under delusional influence of the world  

Secret idolatry  

– magic 

Hosea 6:5-7

Familiar spirits 


Mid-evil Christianity what went on in the 8th century  

– veiled heresy ( false teaching , secret idol ) 

Deut. 18;9-20 / hebrews 1-1  

Profectic teaching is validating the authenticity of the lords message 

Isaiah 8:19 

My thought : Idolizing plays a big role in our generation. We Focus alot on ourself taking 1000 selfies a day , on how look , how we are are viewed, on famous people via instaG , athletic , music , reality ect. We will spend so much time idolizing them and/or ourself but we wont give God 2 mins just thank him that we have the ability to even SEE with working eyes he supplied us with to study them and or ourselves! Crazy right?? Dont misunderstand me i do the same thing to im very into myself , im very into the Kardashians but im also in to My God! And im honestly working on being more humble & my relationship with god… So its nothing wrong with being into ourselves (loving yourself ) and into well known people until it becomes who we spend more time focusing on might as well call it worshiping, when the only person we should be worshiping all day is jesus! He is so amazing sometimes i cant even believe it! Who do you know will accept you as their closest friend after months / yrs of disrespect & no love shown, loads and loads of dishonor and hurt?!! NO-ONE but god ! So for you reading this Please im begging you to get closer to god stop worshiping people that arent making any difference in your life! All we talk about is knowing someone 8 more than 92 & hes been waiting for you to just let him in ! If you dont know god now is your time! Ask him to forgive your for your sins and ask him to come into your heart as your lord & personal savior he is the ONLY person thats will NEVER tell you NO leave you nor forsake you! The only person that will never disappoint you like your favorite celeb / athlete that you spend all day worshiping will . Its never too late! Allow him to be YOUR personal idol!  

 Xoxo – love you alll ! 

The bullet has your name

Sometimes life can get so fustrating & hard  to point where you feel you cant win worth loosing! Sometimes we feel like every bullet possible has our name written on it when bullets dont have a single name printed. How ironic is that ? Sometimes we just feel like no one understands us and no one has gone through what we went through and / or what were currently going through. Why because our situations are just So substandard and we have the worse life ever! 

Crazy thing is were so self centered , its always me me me , when really most of our problems are very minor compared to what other people are going through worldwide From young girl being sold for sex , parents loosing their innocent sons / daughter to meaningless act of violence. 3rd world countries that have no voice in anything happening around them. So many indiviuals born with life long challenges ect…

We take so Many things for granted! Were so spoiled and accustom to having everything when we want it or how we want it so when things go left field we dont know how to handle it … Dont break down, dont fall into depression.. Our struggles are so minor… Instead speak positivity! 

When you feel like giving up just take a breather because it could be Worst!! Always remind yourself : 

  • Im the best 
  •  I can do it
  • God is always with Me
  • Im fearless

You can achieve ANYTHING because your a Winner !!

Xo – Love you all 


Happy sunday ! 

The Beauty of the lord Psalms 27- 4 

– Purity of heart .

When all a person see is dark & ugly .. The hurt .. Seek god 

– detach you soul from worldly ways / detach from modern culture  

– Desire default : asking for things that dont satisfy your soul 

– Clarity of understanding / inquire the lord / listen more than you speak 

Stand in a awh , fear not , sin not ( psalms 4-4 ) 

Pslams 29 

Worship in the beauty of holiness  

2nd chronicles 21

– respect 

– Focus and observe 

– Count your blessings one by one 

– be compassionate 

– Have faith 

Colossians 1 – 17 / 2-9 

He is before all things and by him all things exist 

Within him dwell with all fullness ~ mind body & soul ~

– Stay grounded , have a foundation 

– Dont doubt in your heart , believe and it shall come to pass 

Matthew 26 – 38 

Prayer of concentration / surrender / alining your will 

– Watch and pray that you enter not into temptation 

Love you guys !! Xo 

The Dog lady or Love ?!  

Every girls dream is to have a huge fantasy wedding. From about the age of 6/7 shes already talking about the colors scheme , the style & of course that ” perfect guy ” & that is all ok!! But ladies whats up with everyone wanting to be in a ” power couple ” what does that even mean? It seems to be in the generation today everyone wants that but no one wants the LOVE part which leads tying the knot… Now a days people just want to Look good together for likes on the gram ,search the web on what new shoes they can cop to match , having sex , playing house , or sad to say some couples are pimping/hoeing together and as soon as the next bad chick comes creeping along they’re right on their bumper ready to do the same thing. what happened to going on dates , taking the time to get to know your possible mate building chemistry , Building a bond, trust, most of all a friendship 1st. Everyone wants to get married have this huge fantasy wedding oh & lets not forget the rock on the left finger but no one wants to take the time in doing the proper steps to make sure this is what you want and this is what your willing to fight for if times go left field .. And then when things do go left field shes so quick to say ” all niggas are the same ” NO girly all simple minded idiots are the same. so come on ladies don’t settle for the usual LESS and fall into the act of foolishness , Dont be an object to someones spare or down time! Take the time to build chemistry.. Learn to Love genuinely or be The dog lady & have 25 of them running the show . Hey atleast you can train & mold them how you want you want right? 
Xo – love you all